Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible
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A Must have Nutrition reference book
April 4, 2016

As always, Earl Mindell is the go-to-guy for nutrition information.

I have been a follower of his advice since the early 1980s and have never been steered wrong. Many of the top quality nutrition supplement company’s based their formulas on Mindell’s recommendations. Such as the Great Earth Vitamins, which typically the upper income people purchase.

Each time it includes new and helpful information to make smart decisions relating to my health
May 14, 2017

This is the third time I’ve bought this book over the last 30 years. Each time it includes new and helpful information to make smart decisions relating to my health. I enjoy exploring vitamins and alternative therapies that can help us in the fight to maintain our health. This book is a winner.

best vitamin book ever!
July 22, 2013

Dr. Mindell knows his stuff…from his pharmacy days and their ignorance of the benefits of vitamin therapy, to his study of how and why vitamins work. This comprehensive book is the place to go for information about any health issue that may be helped by vitamin, mineral, herbal, etc. therapy. It includes warnings about medication interactions that benefit anyone taking RX drugs. Includes valuable info for types of persons; shift workers, office workers, bodybuilders, laborers, etc. Situations of special nutritional needs is perhaps the best part of this book. When you are stung by a bee, what to do? If you suffer from allergies, what will help? Never mind all the TV propaganda, this book should be yours to help with the ever-changing health of all people who are willing to use vitamins and herbs to improve their lives.

G. C. Picchetti
Thank you Dr. Mindell!
September 24, 2017

I have the original version of this book. It’s so old it’s yellow. I frequently go back to look things up in it. So when a close friend of mine mentioned some of her medication and the supplements she used I bought her this version of the book. She absolutely loves it.

Amazon Customer
Thrilling Read!
June 5, 2016

So much important vitamin information in this book, we’ve been following his suggested vitamin combinations and have so much more energy , we are thrilled with what we learned from reading this book.

Anita H
excellent reference book
December 26, 2013

I have had this book in my reference library for years. Now I have it in Kindle too, so I can access it anywhere anytime. I use this together with the Health and nutrition secrets that can save your life. Both to me are must haves in this age of over prescription, fluoridation and attempting to age and kill people via big business. Educate yourself and beware of big business!!!!

Great basic information for the beginning health enthusiast
July 10, 2015

Great basic information for the beginning health enthusiast. A great read if you would like to learn more. I did consult with my doctor before starting certain vitamin regimens recommended in the book.

Taking care of YOU!
January 8, 2017

The only way to to make the best decisions ( in everything u do) is to get the BEST information….highly recommended reading

Often Imitated, Never Surpassed
December 19, 2012

This has been my “go to” nutritional reference since 1982. I had been ill and became anemic. My doctor prescribed an iron supplement which was to be taken three times a day because “the body absorbs iron slowly.” Curious to find out if anything might help boost that process, I headed over to the bookstore and to my continual delight discovered Earl Mindell’s Vitamin Bible. The vitamin/nutritional information was so clear and concise that I started gifting copies of the book to family and friends because of its encyclopedic nutritional information. It provides an overview of our digestive system and the nutritional role of vitamins, minerals, and supplements including herbs and homeopathic medicines.

The information for each entry gives details about what it is what it does in the body, its best natural source, various forms in which in may be supplemented, and, deficiency and toxicity warnings.

In addition to vitamins/minerals/supplements there are chapters about common ailments, how to read labels, diets, drugs, and how to find a nutritionally oriented doctor.The end of each chapter has a section of frequently asked questions regarding the chapter’s information.

Personal anecdote: In the mid-90’s I stopped into the Great Earth Vitamin store on Pico Blvd. in West Los Angeles to pick up some supplements. I was in a hurry and knew what I needed so when a guy in the store politely asked me if I needed any help I gave a quick “no thank you.” The nice guy rang me out and put a couple of the free informational brochures in the bag. There was something about the person on the face of the brochure that made me take a second look at it in the car. That “nice guy” trying to help me out was Earl Mindell. I went back in the store, apologized for being a bit abrupt and told him how I had discovered the Vitamin Bible while living in Iowa in ’82. He smiled at me and said, “Oh, you were the one who bought that copy. Thank you.” Great guy.

Linda J Condray-North
Five Stars
August 9, 2017

Improved version with great extra information from the original version.