Behind the Book: Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible

As a Pharmacist, my professional education was strictly establishment when it came to vitamins. My courses in pharmacology, biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, and public health hardly dealt with vitamins at all, except in relations to deficiency diseases. “Lack of Vitamin C led to scurvy. Lack of B1 led to beriberi. Insufficient Vitamin D led to rickets.” And so on.

There were no references to vitamins being used for disease prevention or as ways to optimal health.

In 1965, I opened my first pharmacy. Until then I had never realized just how many drugs people were taking, not for illness but simply to get through the day. My partner at the time was very vitamin oriented. Both of us were working 15 hours a day, but only I looked and felt different. When I asked him what his secret was, he said it was not a secret at all. It was vitamins. I realized what he was talking about had very little to do with scurvy and beriberi and a lot to do with me. I instantly became an eager pupil, and have never since regretted it. After embarking on the most elementary vitamin regimens, I was not only convinced, I was converted.

Suddenly nutrition became the most important thing in my life. I read every book I could find on the subject, clipped articles and tracked down their sources, dug up my pharmacy school text and discovered the amazingly close relationship that did indeed exist between biochemistry and nutrition. I attended any healthy lecture I could find. In fact, it was at one such lecture that I learned about antioxidants and their age reversing properties. I was excited about each new discovery in the field, and it showed.

A whole new world had opened up for me, and I wanted to share it.

By 1970 I was totally committed to nutrition and preventive medicine. In 1971, another pharmacist and I opened up our first vitamin store. It became an instant success because this is what was missing; informed information on vitamins and alternative health. I was constantly being asked, “what is Vitamin C good for?” and “how much should I take daily?” “Should I take a multiple vitamin/mineral?” “Tell me about Vitamins B6 and B12.”

I realized that there was a need for information on vitamins that was not available.

I produced papers on individual vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other supplements while working on my advanced degree. I then put this information together in a small booklet that I titled Vitamins Are Good For You. Everyone loved it! There was such a huge demand, that a friend of mine told me to submit the booklet to a literary agent in New York. It took a lot of No’s before I got a Yes from a small publisher, and thus The Vitamin Bible was born!

The Vitamin Bible is now the biggest selling book of its kind in the world. Selling over 11 Million Copies in over 35 Languages. I have updated it 5 times, and will continue to do so as more information becomes available.

My commitment in the field of Health and Nutrition is stronger than ever.

My wish is for everyone is Optimal Health!

To feel the best you can feel at any age!

Remember- take good care of your body as you do your car, pet and garden!

You deserve it!